Very Confused trying to mount Google Drive in Nextcloud Snap

Thanks for taking the time to read this…

I’m attempting to mount Google Drive under a GSuite account as external storage in the Official Snap on Ubuntu 16.04

the instance is hosted on a subdomain on a digitalocean vps.

I’m plagued with this:


The redirect URI in the request, does not match the ones authorized for the OAuth client.

However, i’m pretty sure I’m entering the redirect URIs correctly as per here:

I added a privacy page as per this thread:

And I attempted to include the specific port number (443) as per this thread.

But nothing I’ve done seems to make it work. Am I crazy? I’ve checked spelling and such many times over. I don’t think I’ve entered the details wrong. Does the snap package provide support for external storage such as Google Drive? If anyone could point me in the right direction, I’d be so grateful. Thanks in advance!__


Golly, i feel like a dope.

For any other dopes out there that come after me, the answer is to be extremely, extremely careful when entering the redirect URIs in google’s dev console. it was a ‘/’ at the path that screwed me over. sheesh.

for the record, google drive works in the snap package. don’t be a dope. :slight_smile: