Using fritzbox NAS as external storage



Dear all,
I want to use the fritzbox NAS as a external storage with ftps in my nc. I can access the fritzbox NAS over a normal ftp application, but when it’s coming to the nc, the nc always fails. Using not secure ftp is going very well. I think it is a problem with the self-signed certificate from the fritz box. Is there a way to import the self-signed certificate into the nc. In the docu there is only a link to an article from 2014.

I hope you can help me:)


Not directly related with Nextcloud. Check how to import ssl certs on an linux host to establish trusted connections. The web is full of content about this.


on all other linux machine there is a possibility to trust it, only the nc there isn’t


A one minute ddg search brought this up:

Have you read this page? Please do and see sections about ftp and self signed certs.


Yeah, I have read the page and this too. The problem is, that in the nc14 there isn’t such an setting.


Just opened my NC 14.0.4 and enabled app for you.

Here is what it looks like:

So all settings are there described on mentioned page.

You did not included your environment information and nextcloud version.


Sorry for not mentioning the version. I use nc 14.04 on apache2 with mariadb on a raspberrypi with raspian.
I see you choose sftp. Is it not a complete different protocol to ftps?


is there really no solution for this problem?