Users should not be able to delete shared folders from other users

Hello, our case/need is simple, and i didn’t find a way to solve it. If we share a folder with a user or group, the users can delete the shared folder. The shared folder disappear from the user who deletes it. No data is lost from the original folder, but the shared folder/link disappear from the user who deletes it. We think it not the correct behavior, the user’s should not be able to delete shared folders. How can we solve it? Is there any way to prevent it?

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Actually I want to be able to remove (old) shares from my personal space. I like my space tidy and clean and when something I don’t need to see/ read is shared with the whole group or somebody forgets to unshare the folders/ files after a while again, it gets pretty messy. Consequently I really love to be able to remove these shares by myself.

I understand, that there are use cases, where it might be bad if users “accidentally” remove a share and need it again later, which only results in more work for the sharing user.
With such an feature to disallow removing a share, I would rather have an opt-in option in the share dialog. And maybe the admin can deactivate this option in the share dialog globally.

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Hi Schmu, exactly, adding a check in the share dialog to activate/deactivate the option to remove that shared folder for the other users would be great.


hi, have you found a solution?

I’ve the same problem… ¿any solution?


the same, and the thing is that users can only delete or unshare from their main workspace, once they get in the shared folder these options are no more available.

Think it would be great if admin had the capability to avoid this behaivor