Upload speeds max at 1kb/s

I have nextcloud installed in docker, and everything is working as expected, except for uploading.
I am able to upload files, but it is at a maximum of 1 KB/s. I have 20 megabit/s upload speed and am connected through ethernet to my router.

I am trying to upload files that range from several megabytes to several hundred megabytes in size. I have tried to start with just a few files at a time, in case processing of the files was an issue, but this has not helped my upload speeds

I have nextcloud installed by the official nextcloud image through docker

How can I fix this?
Thank you for any help

It appears that this is a known issue, expecially for smaller files.

I started by restarting the docker container, and the issue was resolved for larger files. For smaller files, this issue persists