Upgrading ownCloud 10.13 to NextCloud


I was running ownCloud 10.13.0 on a PHP 7.4 server, which needed to be replaced with a newer server with Debian 12 to PHP 8.2. I got a backup from config, database and data directory. Note that I was using the file encryption plugin.

I cannot use ownCloud anymore, because it does not support PHP8. I tried to patch the PHP8 issues for several hours now, but it doesn’t work.

My question is, how can I upgrade ownCloud 10.13.0 to Nextcloud? The upgrade only seems to be possible from owncloud 10.11.0. When I try to launch “./occ upgrade”, I get the error message that multiple major version steps are not possible.

I have read somewhere that it might work with Nextcloud 25, but this does not work, because Nextcloud 25 is not compatible with PHP8.

How can I switch to Nextcloud without losing all my data?
Thank you very much for your help!

hi @danielmarschall welcome to the forum :handshake:

Please start with the official guide.

I remember someone asked for help migration from Owncloud while ago - help yourself and use the search

Hello @wwe ,

thank you for your reply!

I have already followed the official guide, but the step “occ upgrade” fails with the error message that multiple major version steps are not possible.

The version.php file of nextcloud indicates that the only supported upgrade path is “ownCloud 10.11 => nextcloud” . But I have ownCloud 10.13.

Even the guide you have linked only shows “10.11.x” and not “10.11.x or later”.

I searched for hours, and didn’t find any page that talks about ownCloud 10.13 …
I believe it is just not possible and I have to start with an empty folder. But I wonder why there are so few questions regarding ownCloud 10.13, which is the latest version.

I would suggest installing php7.3 besides 8.x, doing the upgrade to NC 25, and from there follow the update procedure of nextcloud. You can purge php7.* aftwrwards.

looks this address your issue?

If there is no major change between 10.11 and 10.13 it could be “good enough”… If not you might wait until support for 10.13 is officially implemented or move your data manually to fresh NC installation.

@wwe Thank you very much for the fast reply! I haven’t seen this topic before. It describes my problem (just with 10.12 instead of 10.13 , this is probably why I didn’t find it).

I have solved the problem for myself by re-enabling owncloud using an old PHP version, saving the data, and then re-uploading it to a fresh nextcloud installation. I think this is the safer and easier option. I am very happy to have now migrated to owncloud :slight_smile:

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