How to migrate from owncloud 10.13.1 to nextcloud

While I have been following Nextcloud since it’s inception, I have a 400GB ownCloud instance which has been working for well over a decade, so didn’t want to risk breaking something that worked.

However, I recently upgraded to Ubuntu 22.04, which then to ownCloud 10.13.1 (recently upgraded when the server was upgraded to 22.04). With dismay, to get this working, I had to downgrade to php 7.4. It appears that ownCloud has no intention of supporting php 8.x, which means that ownCloud is over, no? ownCloud’s own recommendation is to run a docker image with php 7.4. Okay, maybe, but non a solution in the long run, it seems to me. So finally I am forced to do something.

The Nextcloud migragion docs suggest that there is no upgrade path to Nextcloud. Does anyone have any recommendation on what to do here?

They are attempting to migrate their user base to Go, which is implemented in Owncloud infinite Scale.
You’ll need to ask any further questions about it on their support forum.

Correct, which is why it has not been implemented.

Hopefully someone here can offer you further guidance.

To anyone reading: Please note this is not an owncloud slamming thread. If you do not have something positive or technically reasonable to add in migrating to Nextcloud, please keep it to yourself. Thanks :heart:

Thanks, for that. Their project sounds interesting, and explains their decision to not port to php-8.x. Reading the intro docs and the EULA, it appears that they are targeting corporate clients. As an open-source developer myself, I’d prefer an open-source solution.

Also, and for the record, I am not slamming’ ownCloud in any way. It’s served me well for many years. But I, many other Ubuntu/Debian users, who depend on this will need a different path moving forward. That is the thrust of my OP.

I do hope someone knows of a migration solution, or has news of one in development. I realize that I could make a separate instance of Nextcloud and move everything manually. But that seems very painful esp. if there may be a migration path moving forward.

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Since there appeared to be no clear pathway here, I did this the hard slow way:

  1. I synced all the files for the three active ownCloud accounts to new locations on a NAS.
  2. I disabled the native Apache2 server and installed the Nextcloud snap. I appreciate that the snap is less flexible than a docker container or a native installation, it contains all of the necessary functionality and is very easy to operate. Great work on that snap and the Lets Encrypt integration is very thoughtful!!
  3. I then made new accounts and synced the new accounts to the Nexcloud webdav with rclone. I understand that I’m sacrificing the file history here but the history is not a key feature for me. This took some real time.
  4. Once this was done, I enabled TOTP, installed the desktop clients, and we are up and running. While it was crazy slow, there were no real issues. I do notice that the Nextcloud syncing becomes very slow for small files for some reason.

@The9Cat welcome to the forum.

I’m glad you found the way migration works for you.

Just for reference and in case you want your file history back I link this post showing easier migration path from owncloud 10.11.x. hopefully it works for ownCloud 10.13.x as well:

Thanks @wwe . I saw that post, but was hoping to get some feedback from others before launching into that myself as a migration newbie.

I’m very impressed, as I said, with the Nextcloud snap. Better than a docker for this use case, I think. It was so simple compared to building the whole stack, as I did with ownCloud originally.

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