Upgrade via Snapy Packages does not work

Hello Nextcloud community,

I’m using Nextcloud 12.0.5, I installed using Ubuntu 16.04 via Snap package (sudo snap install nextcloud), but now I’d like update to Nextcloud 13 using Snap package, following these steps I do not getting any update, just a message:

$ sudo snap install nextcloud
snap "nextcloud" is already installed, see "snap refresh --help"

Nothing is updated and I continue with Nextcloud version 12. :expressionless:

My server is at Digital Ocean and I’ve installed following instructions of this doc.

Can anyone help me?

Nextcloud 13 isn’t yet released into stable channels for the snap. There are some issues with it that we need to get resolved before updating. You’re welcome to try it out if you like. More information here.

@kyrofa, thank you so much, it works fine here now! :smile:

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