Upgrade from 15 to 18

I am running Nextcloud 15.0.12 on Ubuntu 16.04. I am going to migrate the installation on Ubuntu 18.04 server and I was thinking to install also the latest version of Nextcloud server v.18.

Is available any tutorial how to proceed with the upgrade? Otherwise, can someone post here the steps?

Thank you!

The update process is described here:


or here

IMPORTANT: Please have an eye on the supported PHP versions of the major releases. Very often users try to use v7.2/.3/.4 with older Nextcloud versions which hadn’t supported it at the original release date :wink:


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May I proceed on that… the linked documentation page says “Skipping major releases is not supported.” I have a v13 installation that needs to be updated to whatever is current now. Can I safely ignore that sentence or will I run into trouble? Should I perform many smaller upgrades to each next major version? How would I do that?

Oh, I just saw that PHP 7.0 is no longer supported. Stratch that upgrade, it won’t happen until later this year. Too bad that Nextcloud doesn’t work with Ubuntu LTS versions (1604 in this case).