Upgrade from 12.0.8

Hello Nextcloud Community,

It is about time that I upgrade my Nextcloud server. It stipulates in the Nextcloud Administration Manual that " It is best to keep your Nextcloud server upgraded regularly , and to install all point releases and major releases.". Does this mean that I have to upgrade ALL point releases??? 12.0.9, 12.0.10, 12.0.11, 12.0.12, 13.0.0 up to 14.0.3??? Or can I just upgrade from 12.0.8 to 13.0.7 and then to 14.0.3???

Also, from a migration from Owncloud, I have the message "Some files have not passed the integrity check. Further information on how to resolve this issue can be found in our [documentation]! I have never managed to resolve this. Can I upgrade without take this message into consideration?

Thanks for your help!!!

With the point releases you can always get to the newest directly, e.g. 12.0.1 -> 12.0.12. And if you upgrade from 12.0.12 go to NC 13.0.7.

Yes, that would be the way to go.

The point releases normally fix problems in the current version. Even if you don’t experience a problem, it might still affect you. So when you were using NC 12, it would have been better to do the point release updates. It’s probably more important for the early point releases but on https://nextcloud.com/changelog/ you can get an idea what is affected by these point releases. They don’t add new features or change dependencies, therefore they are quite uncritical to run (however, take advantage to make a decent backup before).

Oh I think, the best way for the upgrade path would be to go to the latest point release first:
12.0.8 -> 12.0.12 -> 13.0.7 -> 14.0.3

After each major upgrade, make sure that the apps were loaded and properly upgraded.

Much appreciated. This helps me quite a lot!!!