Updating Docker Container on QNAP

Dear all,

Many thanks in advance for your feedback to my problem which I’m sure is very easy to solve :slight_smile:

I’m running Nextcloud via the NextcloudPI docker image in container station on my QNAP. In the past I updated Nextcloud within the system (NextcloudPI version, apps etc.). By now I understand I should not do that but rather update the entire container (so that all other compontents/databases are updated as well).

How do I do that without having to newly set-up the entire system, i.e. keep all the files, calendars, contacts, settings etc. as they are?

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most likely NCP docs provides the right answer, take a look:

Thank you WWE! I read that before but here are my issues in QNAP.

Within NextcloudPI when trying to update I get the following

Update NextCloudPi

[ nc-update ] (Sat Nov 26 05:29:25 UTC 2022)
Downloading updates
Performing updates
WARNING: Docker images should be updated by replacing the container from the latest docker image (refer to the documentation for instructions: https://docs.nextcloudpi.com). If you are sure that you know what you are doing, you can still execute the update script by running it like this:


I read the documentation but that does not help me on a noob level :slight_smile:

More specifically, do I have to create a new container in container station or rather log into the existing with terminal and pull the new docker image from within the container? If there are any how tos around (I cannot be the only one with that issue, right?) highly appreciated!!!


I used to run NC in Qnap some time ago. I remember I was doing everything from the shell - Container Station is too slow and too complicated in my eyes…

You should not create a new container - you will have no connection to existing installation and might loose all data… I would rather adjust pull new image and follow the NCP docs…

I don’t know what is the right way in Qnap Container Station - I was doing all the stuff in the shell and it worked as described in all the native docker tutorials…

I am running NC on my QNAP TS-453D, although with a container created by the folks over at linuxserver.io
First thing first, as a general rule of thumb for docker containers on QNAP, you should create a share to hold your containers’ data. You should always use Docker Compose when creating containers.
Each container you run should store all of its persistent data in such a fashion. This prevents what wwe mentioned from happening.
I’m not sure how the Nextcloud image you’re using works, but for linuxserver.io they have you mount two volumes; one for user data and one for config. I have these redirected to that container data share I mentioned earlier.
To update any container, I simply delete the container, remove the image, then re-create the container with the same compose file (with the ‘latest’ version tag, of course.)
For Nextcloud, I then run the updater from within the Nextcloud UI or command line. This step isn’t necessary for any of my other containers. (Jellyfin, Pihole, SWAG)
If you need any assistance with Docker on your QNAP, feel free to hit me up!

while this is widely used :latest tag is bad choice - this doesn’t mean any specific version and changes frequently, so you never know which exact version is running and can’t reproducibly (re-)build the system e.g in case of outage. Good writeup on this topic: What's Wrong With The Docker :latest Tag? · vsupalov.com

Using official Nextcloud container you don’t need to manually run the update - just re-create the container using newer version (beware to upgrade only one major version in one step) - GitHub - nextcloud/docker: ⛴ Docker image of Nextcloud