Updates and documentation servers are not reachable

Hi, maby I’m wrong here but I cannot finde the right place to contact nextcloud infrastructure team. Please check self and forward if possible.
I got a message that my server is missing contact to the update instance. And its not a false positive. I’ve checked this. Its not possible to reach updates.nextcloud.com nor docs.nextcloud com. I’ve checked it also on an second server (but also in Germany by Hetzner) and from my computer (also Gemany). Both adresss IPv6 and IPv4 will not answer:

wget https:// updates.nextcloud. com
–2023-08-28 14:33:02-- https:// updates.nextcloud. com/
Auflösen des Hostnamens updates.nextcloud .com (updates.nextcloud. com) …, 2a01:4f9:2a:3119::181
Verbindungsaufbau zu updates.nextcloud .com (updates.nextcloud. com)||:443 … ^C

traceroute will also not resolve after “ex9k1.dc2.hel1.hetzner .com (”.

If you need more informations let me know. Because of limitations to new users I separete “.com” so that it not be recognised as a link.

Please just take a look at the recent topics: Nextcloud docs (https://docs.nextcloud.com/) down - #46 by SysKeeper