Updater App doesn't find 9.0.52

Hi folks,

I have my nextcloud instance up and running on version 9.0.50, but the Updater says I’m on the newest version, and I can’t update to 9.0.52 on the easy way. The Update-Channel is set to “stable”. Also using the command line didn’t found any new version. The version number in den config.php is

Any ideas?
If this topic already came up, I’m sorry, but I didn’t found my problem…

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@LukasReschke are updates enabled?

Are you guys using cron to check or ajax? - I know you also mentioned running command too.

Alternatively, though this will not identify the issue you’re currently having but instead just upgrade you to 52, using the new updater script they’ve announced. Obviously in testing but I used it with absolutely 0 issues other than 3rd party disabled apps which just need to be re-enabled.

Had the same problem, just manually update it (this feature is disabled in enterprise version anyways)

I’ve got the same problem on 0.9.51, I’ve set the stable channel and it says my version is up-to-date. The last check is 30 minutes old.

Please read this and update manually (for now). This feature will eventually make it to the package once it’s tested properly - which is what some of us here are doing for the devs - and everything will be dandy! :grin:

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That did the trick. Thank you!

It does work for Updater, but it doesn’t for sudo -u apache php occ upgrade which still claims I’m using the newest version. The Updater fails on me and without occ ugprade command I can’t finish even the manual upgrade. So I’m currently stuck on 9.0.51. Thanks God I’ve got system snapshots because I’ve screwed up the Nextcloud installation already three times :smile:

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Just do manual update:

  1. Delete old nextcloud folders except the ones you changed, i.e. data, config, themes
  2. Download and extract latest nexcloud and do correct permissions
  3. Run occ upgrade or do it through the browser

I’ve had the same problem (1&1 shared hosting) for 9.0.52 - it worked with the help of Lukas Reschkes steps described in “Test our new work-in-progress upgrader script”.

As described, I changed the value the URL value in config file back to ‘updater.server.url’.

Now, the new update 9.0.53 is not listed in updater.

Does anybody have the same problem?

yes. i have a brand new fresh 9.0.52 installation and it’s not listing 9.0.53 stable as available. the update reports checking in the past 30 minutes. i’m hunting now to try and work out how the updater works and why it’s not picking up the new 9.0.53.

update: i’ve been through the update logic. the updater starts by pulling down a file from https://updates.nextcloud.org/updater_server/ and the response is nothing. in this case the updater accepts this as “no updates available”.

a manual command line update looks like the best way to proceed. i assume that someone (hopefully) is aware that the update server isn’t responding appropriately and this will be fixed.

these sorts of problems can unfortunately go unrealised for long periods of time. when no new updates are available, nobody expects the update script to show there is anything new :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reply, wizdude.

The current nextcloud update behaviour is not one bit better than owncloud. Until now, I cannot see anything from the “planned update improvements” on my simple test installation.

Come on, nextcloud developers, please focus on the basics and the promised improvements instead of presenting one new feature after another. As long as the basics don’t work, I will not switch from owncloud.