Update Social Sharing via Email for NC 22?

Are there any plans to update the Social Sharing via Email app so it works with NC 22?

I’ve been holding off updating my server because this app doesn’t work with v22 yet.


Here is the open issue being worked on for 22 support:

There are also some pull requests. If they are correct, you can just increase the supported version number:

Unfortunately there are no comments. If you want to use the app on NC 22, you can do these modifications manually and report back if it is working for you.

and it’s already on the list for unsupported apps in NC 22:

Hi @DonDowner

Nextcloud 22 allows you to install and enable “untested apps”. This means that you don’t have to do any manual modifications anymore, in order to use apps that have not yet been tested with a specific version of Nextcloud.

I just enabled it on my test instance with Nextcloud 22.2.0 and it seems to work without any issue. All it seems to do is open your default mail app an paste the link to a new email anyways… I don’t think you’ll run into any unexpected issues with it, when you just activate it as an “untested app”.

Added after finding this post. Any help appreciated in keeping that list updated. There are plenty of apps missing because they are older or were casually missed. :+1: The hope is Nextcloud will clarify this information in the appstore and make it automatic rather than having to draft something up from scratch. Would also save us from a lot of recurring questions regarding compatibility with the new version. :hear_no_evil:

Which modification are you referring to?

That is odd, since this is very different from what the app does in my NC 21 instance, which is that when going to Files I can click the share symbol next to a file, enter an email address to which I’d like to share, and then an email is sent on the background by Nextcloud (I have setup the smtp settings for notifications etc in admin settings). This email includes the unique link for that email address.

I will still try to update to NC22 as per your suggestion and report back my findings.


Aaah… I did not have an email account for notifications set up in my test instance. But I have now tested it again with an email account and it worked exactly as you described… :slight_smile: