Update requiring boot after windows update (mostly just whining ...)

So, I read this post and response and I suppose I should be going to Github to give my input:

Also, my issues are probably unique to my install, so pointless for the community.

Nevertheless, it’s very time consuming for me to have to reboot twice after every windows11 update. The first time is for windows, and then immediately thereafter Nextcloud pushes an update and I have to reboot again. (Even the option(s) to avoid rebooting end up requiring a reboot.)

This is more problematic for me than probably most other users because I have a very hybrid Nextcloud. My Nextcloud server runs in an Ubuntu image under Virtualbox on Windows11. The storage is in a Veracrypt drive. The Veracrypt drive is also then mounted back to a version of OpenSUSE that is also running on my Windows11.

So, “reboot” breaks a lot of things that have to be manually set up after windows11 reboot and login.

I would rather have a “delay” option (or exit Nextcloud option) in the update dialog, since I do not need to have Nextcloud constantly running. I’m also not very fond of windows11 constantly updating, since this always imposes itself at inopportune moments when I go to use the computer to do something “right now” and instead have to deal with the fact that windows has rebooted my computer and I have 5-10 mins. of setup just to use it.

I used to run my server on a Linux machine, but that computer died and I’ve been hesitant to mess with the bios settings on my new super-duper windows11 machine that will not allow me to create a dual-boot windows/linux system.

I very grudgingly concede there are some advantages to having an integrated system that runs Linux under the Windows11 Linux subsystem, at least up until the time Microsoft chooses to disable it. Although, for some reason the mount of my veracrypt drive into the OpenSUSE subsystem tends to dismount at inopportune times, which would not be an issue on a real Linux machine. (I could not get veracrypt to work in the OpenSUSE subsystem, so it resides in windows11 proper.)

I’m not aware of “Nextcloud pushing updates” but there is a reason to reboot the system as Explorer integration doesn’t work without reboot :frowning:

I remember bug reports in the past but look the issue was partly addressed a while ago: