Update Nextcloud-Versions in Nextcloudpi


First of all: Sorry if this is in the wrong place, I am slightly overwhwelmed by the options to categorize my post in this forum and I didn´t find a better place to ask.

I am currently using NextcloudPi on my RaspberryPi. My installation is up-to-date (v1.53.0) and my nextcloud-version is All is fine at the moment.

However: Since Nextcloud has already far advanced in its main versions (25 is already EoL and 26 will be in a few days: Maintenance and Release Schedule · nextcloud/server Wiki · GitHub) I would like to upgrade Nextcloud at least to 25. Also I understand that manually upgrading might be risky if you are, like me, not very keen on becoming a beta tester (Staying up to date)

I am not necessarily impatient (I know this all takes time and people are volunteering) I am however wondering two things:

1.Will there be a stable release of Nextcloud 25.x released that then just upgrades in NCP or am I stuck on 24.x?
2. How risky is it to upgrade to Nextcloud 25.x and then to 26.x and even 27.x? I like the software I run to be not EOL - especially something as central as Nextcloud.

I hope I didn´t offend anyone with this question and am very hopeful for answers :slight_smile:

Sorry but i do not use NextcloudPi.

Because of here NextcloudPi uses Debian 11 Bullseye (i think with PHP 7.4). I don’t know if the Nextcloud version you mentioned is the current version in the NextcloudPi release. Please check it or someone can get an answer.


Update: If all goes well with the next releases, I see ourselves supporting Debian Bookworm in 2024-03

According to here, there will probably be a new release in 2024-03. I wouldn’t change anything manually for the time being and wait and see. But maybe someone else can say something about the release plan of NextcloudPi. Will the change from Debian Bullseye to Debian Bookworm incl. PHP 7.4 to PHP 8.2 and upgrade from e.g. Nextcloud 24 to Nextcloud 28 over all releases be supported at all? I already had enough problems migrating my Debian Bullseye to Debian Bookworm without breaking my Nextcloud.

Thank you for the reply, @devnull ! It is good to know that there will soon be a new release.

NCP only supports updates one major release at a time, so you would upgrade from 24 to 25, then from 25 to 26 etc. NCP also has a “autoupgrade” feature, which upgrades to the latest recommended version. I have it enabled, this seems to imply that 24 is the latest recommended version.

In the thread you linked (thanks for that!) @theCalcaholic says “NextcloudPi supports Nextcloud 27, though, except for the NCP docker container, which is discontinued” which confuses me a bit - this seems to imply that it is safe to upgrade from 24 to 25 and then 25 to 26 and finally 26 to 27?

Sorry for the bump, but I am still not sure what to do…

Does anybody who uses NextcloudPi know if it is safe to upgrade to Nextcloud version 25 and later in NextcloudPi?