Unable to view anything in FILES

Very strange issue i have but i am unable to upload or create new files in the Files app. Hovering over it says i do not have permission. But i did have permissions earlier yesterday when i created a new folder.

When accessing the files page it just spins and spins and there is nothing in the logs that could assist me in the right way.

The data directory is local. All folders and files are owned by www-data
Im using Redis which is running. I point that out as that did cause a similar symptom to what im seeing in the past but that is functioning well. If i remove redis from the config.php file i still have the same problem.
I am truly lost here.

edit: The truly strange thing. If i create new users there are no issues. I can upload/create/edit files as normal. This issue seems to be centered on my userID-account. I even tried the filescan option but nothing seems to work.

[Nextcloud Hub 7] (28.0.2)
Ubuntu 22.04.3 LTS
manual install with zip file

401 error?

May not be related.