Unable to insert images from storage

I’ve been testing NC18 and the community document server and mostly it’s performing well, but on two separate servers I’m having an issue where if I use “From Storage” when inserting an image into a document, it just pops up the “Loading Image” throbber overlay and sits there forever (left it overnight). All I can do is close the window.

Inserts from filesystem and from URL are working fine, and browsing the storage looks fine as well - looks functional right until the last step.

Has anyone else seen this or got any clues on debugging where this is failing?

I have the same issue.
Hope it gets sorted soon.

It’s the same with me, only one step worse. I only get images into the documents I upload from the local file system. Pictures which are on the NC server or which have to be inserted via URL do not work. In the meantime I have NC 18.0.2 running