Unable to add photos from read-only folders to albums

I just recently upgraded to 28.0.5 and installed memories-app and recognize-app. My workflow is to use lightroom classic on my mac to manage my photos, and sync them to a dedicated account on nextcloud using rsync. Then this user shares the folder containing all the photos with a group in nextcloud, but read-only - I don’t want users in nextcloud to make changes to the files from lightroom.

This works pretty well and I don’t want to completely abandon it yet while I am still evaluating this nextcloud setup.

I tried creating an album and adding photos from this read-only folder but unfortunately it does not let me. I get an error.

Steps to replicate it:

  1. on a site with memories enabled, create a folder with some photos, share it read-only with another user
  2. as that other user, try to create an album and add one or more photos from the folder shared in (1)
  3. see error message on screen, no photos are added

There’s nothing relevant in the logs that I can see.

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OK, cool. So I’m reading from that github discussion is that this is not working because it’s complicated (and needs to be fixed upstream in the “photos” app), and the error message needs improving in the meantime. Right now it just looks broken and not an “as designed” feature.

The linked Ability to add files shared with me to albums · Issue #1905 · nextcloud/photos · GitHub upstream issue doesn’t seem to be gaining any traction. I added a reply there to at least ask for the error message to be improved and to suggest text for the error message.

It was suggested that there might be a workaround - has anyone tried this? I will take a look at it but am not so sure.

Meanwhile, would this app be a possible workaround? https://apps.nextcloud.com/apps/groupfolders
As far as I understand, those group folders will always be located in the user root folders.
This would required to allow multiple root folders for Photos/Memories I guess. Users could then have e.g. one shared group folder and a private folder.

In my case, I want my photos library in lightroom classic to be the “single source of truth”, and nextcloud is a backup/copy of that. So I’m not sure group folders will work unless I can limit who can add to/change the files in the group folder.

Down the road I could see a world where nextcloud is the single source of truth and I download from nextcloud into lightroom, or abandon lightroom altogether. Then everyone in my family could upload their pictures to nextcloud (their own folders or the shared folder) and then we can create shared albums and improve on those together.

Les Pas supports adding friend’s shared photos to user’s own album, no matter read-only or not. You don’t need Nextcloud’s Photo app installed for it to work too. In fact, you don’t need any server app, except for Preview Generator.

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Had to do a search to find out what you mean. Looks interesting! Sadly, I don’t have Android and few people in my family do. Also, I am way more interested in letting everyone look at and manage the photos library on the computer rather than on their phones. It’s a more delightful experience!