Trusted_domains warning

I’m installed the first time nextCloud and inside my ubuntu VM it runs. Great.
But if I like to access from my host (windows!) the typicall security warning “Access via an untrusted domain” appears. Okay, I added my the ip and domain name address of my host and the name of my host to the file config.php. But the warning is still shown. But if I added the wildcard ‘*’ to the list, it works. But the wildcard should not the solution.
How does nextCloud detect my host (correct name for the file). I found also nothing in the logs with blocked entries to copy the name.
Can anybody help me?

So you don’t know, what the “trusted domains” in config.php mean. Please read the installation guide, before you do any changes in config.php to prevent from Nextcloud crash.

Additionally you should add the information, where the warning appears: In Bowser window or as a message on the Nextcloud screen.

Smart heads created a support template to be filled, because it helps to get an overview about the Nextloud system and get almost colpete error information to find a solution:

Unfortunatelly most users asking for help ignore it :sleepy: