Translations are not working inside the Nextcloud Vue components

Slovakian translations are not working inside Nextcloud Vue components; it always displays the fallback (English strings). I tried changing the locale too, but it didn’t work.

In the screenshot above, the tool tip is displayed in English (the selected language is Slovenčina).
I have checked the nextcloud-vue repository, and I found the Slovak translations are there (in sk_SK.pot file). I checked to see whether this issue exists in other languages; I tried with Arabic, and it was working. Although I’m not certain, I suspect that issue exists for all the languages with locale-like file names that need to be mapped to language code in the ‘.tx/config’ configuration.

Which version of Nextcloud are you using?

version 27.0.0

Played around a little and can confirm described behaviour.
Time to file an issue at GitHub.

Personally I use NC v26.0.4

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