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I added to German section that the website should only contain formal German.


that would be a real pity since i love the more personal approach and general tone of “unformal” german. (“Du”-version)

I understand this, but it is nothing I decided, I am just the messenger :wink:
Frank said that we should use formal German.

I hope you can live with it, as it “only” affects the website…


From Business side I fully understand it. Talk to the customers on the website like you would talk to them in a shop or somewhere face-to-face.
Today I received an email from brand of Allianz and they decided to write to me in informal way. Feels unpolite IMHO.

I think that’s the right decision.

But many translations are unformal and reviewed, so tha I can’t change them.
@rakekniven @tobiasKaminsky what’s about removing all reviews to be able to change the whole site to formal versions?

@Soko Have a better idea. You should become a coordinator and so you are able to mark strings as unreviewed to work on them.
What do you think?

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I also had the the idea to remove all “reviewed” status, so that with new “reviewed” status we can make sure that it is all formal.
Having @Soko as a Coordinator is of course also a nice idea, as an additional helping hand cannot hurt :slight_smile:

I will set all strings to unreviewed now.

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Done, from now and we can start review again.

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Dein, Du, Dir, kannst, willst...

…should now be eliminated and the german translation up-to-date…
…waiting for review.


Great work!