Translation error in french and english

See images…

in French, “à duré 3 minutes” means “3 minutes processing time” and not “happened 3 minutes ago”…

In fact, the complete sentence is incorrect in French.

If i try to change the language for english, i got this sentence with mixed languages : “Last job ran il y a 3 minutes.”

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Hello @Marcassin ,

see the current translations at Transifex

Which is correct?
Please advice.

Hello !

In my NC instance, the english text is : Last job ran 5 minutes ago

The french translation should be : Dernière tâche exécutée il y a 5 minutes

It seems to me that none of the translations are correct in Transifex…

If you like to join on transifex, you can suggest the modification directly.

here is the link to the wiki for starters: Translation knowledge (valid for the entire Nextcloud project) - Wiki

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