Translation error in french and english

See images…

in French, “à duré 3 minutes” means “3 minutes processing time” and not “happened 3 minutes ago”…

In fact, the complete sentence is incorrect in French.

If i try to change the language for english, i got this sentence with mixed languages : “Last job ran il y a 3 minutes.”

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Hello @Marcassin ,

see the current translations at Transifex

Which is correct?
Please advice.

Hello !

In my NC instance, the english text is : Last job ran 5 minutes ago

The french translation should be : Dernière tâche exécutée il y a 5 minutes

It seems to me that none of the translations are correct in Transifex…

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If you like to join on transifex, you can suggest the modification directly.

here is the link to the wiki for starters: Translation knowledge (valid for the entire Nextcloud project) - Wiki

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@Marcassin should be fixed now in Transifex. Let me know if you find more/other issues. Thank you for reporting

@rakekniven could only suggest the mod as string was already reviewed

@silopolis I just updated the translation to “Dernière tâche exécutée {relativeTime}.”

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@remyj38 thought I had done it :thinking:

Hello @silopolis ,

I don’t speak any french at all.
But I am happily setting string to status “unreviewed” if you like.
Please just mention me with a comment at TX.


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