Translate desktop client

I’m sure this is a silly question but, how can the client be translated?

I’ve been translating Nextcloud to Spanish in Transifex but I can’t find the client. I’m sure it’s really simple, but it beats me.


The client translation is on the Owncloud project on Transifex :

Is this still valid? I do not find all messages of the client there.

Yes I can access that site. In the client resource I do not find all translated messages of the Linux client (version 2.3.3). Where can I look?

It should be the “client” (QT-label)

It should be the same like there in the translation folder

As I said, there are messages visible on the client that are not to be found in that client folder. Other messages are there, so my impression is this is not the resource in use.

Yes, I am also a little bit confused. :confused:

My question is: How do all the strings from the GUI make their way to the translation-source client_en.ts?

There are obviously some strings missing.

They can’t be missing, as they are actually translated to german. All I want to do is correct a translation error.

Could you tell us the error you found?

Some typos:
Under the tab of not synchronized files there is a help text “Liste von ignorierten oder feherhaften Dateien”. It should read “Liste von ignorierten oder fehlerhaften Dateien”.

In the main view of a synchronized folder, when you hover the mouse over the button to add more folders, a help text pops up telling: “… Falls sie mehrere Ordner synchronisieren wollen, entferen Sie zunächst den konfigurierten Wurzel-Ordner”. It should read: “… Falls Sie mehrere Ordner synchronisieren wollen, entfernen Sie zunächst den konfigurierten Wurzel-Ordner”.

Thanks for the details.
The translation of the client has been moved to nextcloud project of Transifex some weeks ago.
Development (not only branding) has been raised and we should check your reports with the next release of Nextcloud. Might be v2.5.x

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