Transifex announcement: Web Application's Domain Change

Have you seen ?

In short words:

Replace all links like with

The next 3 month there will be an automatic redirect.

The API URL does not change.

@Translators FYI

@staff We need to change a lot of links on our beloved forum.



Feel free to edit this comment and add status update to other projects!


Apps often has links to transifex translations in their description. Unfortunately, I can’t provide Pull Requests because only the owner can change the entries. Too bad, that the metadata can’t be fetched from the repositories directly…




Just to get that clear: This change will affect not the technical side of the integration of the translations into the various apps but any promotional links (like Help us by translating this ap on Transifex (https://…).), am I correct?

Yes, same understanding here.

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I found this:

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If we filter out .pot files, remaining are Sign in to GitHub · GitHub

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Nice catch! Already filed a few PRs. Unfortunately this way we do not get all the beautiful apps outside of org:Nextcloud …

Anyway … step by step.

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