Transfere sharing links from disabled user account possible?


we are using group folders in nextcloud. Multiple users do have full access to this group folders.
When a user is generating a public sharing link of files and folders in the goup folder and this user gets disabled all the sharing links from this user do not work anymore.

is there an “official” way to handle this?
ideally I do need to disable accounts but remain the links from the group folder links this account shared in the past.

kind regards

nobody with a similar problem in the past?
is there a possibility to “move” a sharing link from one account to another?

Sorry i have got no real solution for your problem.

Maybe you can use the app ShareRenamer (video).

But i think for the actual link it is to late. But in future you can give the links nice names. But maybe you can also use old share names. After a person leaves another person can perhaps set a new share with the old name and old permissions.

Not tested.

there was a discussion around very similar scenario shortly: If a file ownership is transferred to another user outgoing shares remain intact. I would say this is the way to go - transfer the files which should remain active and accessible on the system to a new owner (or group folder). I would recommend you test it in your instance as well.