Timeline for supporting DeltaSync

We have been evaluating NextCloud vs Owncloud for a bit now and while nextcloud has a rich feature set, it seems to be seriously lacking in delta sync. It is critical for us to have this feature as we are in a business that requires keeping large files in sync. We need to avoid re-uploading a 100+ MB file every time a few KB of changes are made.

This is a solvable problem given the success of plugging in zsync with owncloud. Does NextCloud have a timeline as to when this will be supported on their platform?

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I think this discussion might be of interest for you:

Does the virtual file system support a kind of delta-sync?

Has this been implemented? As architects we need delta sync to use the team collaboration features in our CAD/BIM software (Vectorworks).

We can be working on multiple files up to around 1GB in size and delta sync allows us to only sync the changes we’ve made to our models (which can be just in the single digit MBs) instead of having to sync the whole file each time we edit the file. Without delta sync we can’t realistically use Nextcloud.

This leaves us limited to Dropbox, Resilio Sync and Syncthing as far as I know. Are there any other sync services you know of that support it?

If you check the mentioned issue ticket, you will see that its status is still “OPEN”, therefore the answer is NO. The last comment from February 20th contains an explanation from @jospoortvliet why this function doesn’t have a high priority at the moment.

Gotcha, thank you. I’ve just seen that Owncloud support this so I’ll give them a go.

Seafile also supports it.