Sync Files on Demand and Delta Sync

Owncloud introduced two features (I don’t know, if they are really ready to use) which seem to be very interessting.
The first feature is called “Virtual Sync”.
The second feature is called “Delta Sync”.

Does anybody know if there are any plans to implement these features in a future nextcloud release as well?


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Interested in this too. Any plans to add these features?

Do a search this topic as already been discussed when the old bountysource get claimed.
This feature will come in some future Nextcloud client updates.
But for the moment the daily build of it is really messy and do not have this feature.
You can install the Owncloud client if you wanna test it’s working.

Hello Nemskiller, thanks for your answer.
I have searched quite a while for on github and on this forum but I couldn’t find something related to this topic. Could you give me the link to the discussion please?
Thank you very much!


Virtual File System is coming: Nextcloud introduces Virtual Drive in Desktop Client to simplify desktop integration

Hi. is there any developments on this issue? I’ve noticed that nextcloud macOs client doesn’t supports virtual file or virtual drive.

No, Nextcloud have a problem with the dev of this feature, they have a lot of delay in it.
Just be patient… that all we can say for the moment

Thanks! And using owncloud client? Is it a bad idea?

Yes i have great troubles on some clients.

Somedays you don’t know why your folders vanished and you have to download them back again.

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