Threshold to be added to the language list

just a quick question, I was wondering what was the threshold to have a locale available to the language list.
Currently giving a hand with the Occitan translation.
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50% of the language must be translated at least.

Are you aware of List of resources and their priority for translation - #2 by rakekniven ?

Sure! I’m aiming to follow it

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Another question @rakekniven
Now that «core» is translated ⩾ 70%, will Occitan be in the language menu?
Thanks again

It is not about only “core”. AFAIK the 50% is about total.

@MorrisJobke Can you confirm?

Correct. docker-ci/ at master · nextcloud/docker-ci · GitHub

So if core is translated to 50% the drop down allows to select it automatically, because then the translation file exists.

How is core defined?

Is it just this single resource ?

Exactly. It’s the resource on Transifex.