This resource is currently not accepting any translations

Any suggestions about this Transifex’s message:
(This resource is currently not accepting any translations)?

It appeared when attempting to translate the resource: sendent (Arabic)


the resource sendent is locked for all languages because the license of the code is not clear.
Therefor you see the small lock icon and strings cannot be translated at the moment.



The message is clear in itself. However, I’ve raised the question because I found it has already been translated by some other languages. As seen here: Log in · Transifex

Translation into the Arabic language among a few others is not accessible.

The app has been connected Transifex sync a while ago and translators started their usual work.

Some time after I discovered the licence issue and wrote two requests to the company to clarify the issue.
Meanwhile I locked the resource globally at Transifex. Still no response from sendent company.

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Thank you for the clarification.