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I had a problem with my long running ncp. Still not resolved so I tried a new install.
The picture says it all
I seem to have a temporary login but then i am not actually logged in?? it says account currently unavailable.
any advice?
thank you


Please read

Thank you, I’ll have a try later.
Thank you again.

I’m confused… what WebUI, and how does that work when I haven’t even set anything up?

seems like a FAQ thing, but I can’t seem to find the ncp FAQ

I was reminded that this issue is why I waited assuming a patch would be forthcoming to resolve this issue

so NCP 1.50.3 (showing as having the SSH patch), hardwired to my RPi4 keyboard attached, I can’t even boot it for the first time?
Does it have a “call home” like Microsoup?

The ncp docs are found at and are hosted within this forum.

That does not work… when trying to activate SSH for user PI it says “Password: chsh: PAM: Authentication failure”