Theming css login page any ideas

hi, as you can see i got a little theming problem since NC28.0.1

the block with (Kontoname or email)
is a little off ? dont know how / why … but it is getting to anoy me :wink:


here is the custom css i use (have fun)

/* dont show logo on login page*/
#body-login #header .logo {
display: none;
/* ------------------------------------------- */

/* if logo is not shown on loginpage move the login frame down  */
width: 100%;
maxwidth: 700px;
margin-top: 30vh; 

/* ------------------------------------------- */
/* dont show headline */

visibility: hidden;

/* ------------------------------------------- */

/* footer / imprint /gdpr stuff all written in same color */

#body-login a, #body-login label, #body-login footer p, #body-login #alternative-logins legend, #body-login .lost-password-container #lost-password {
  color: #4A81C9;

/*---------------------- */
/* background for gdpr / imprint 
.info {background: #ffffff95;} */

/*---------------------- */
/* transparent frame for login */

.guest-box, .body-login-container {
    --color-main-text: #000000;
    --color-main-background: #ffffff95;
    --color-box-shadow: ffffff00;

maybe someone has an idea
and yeah i knwo the color of input text is not the best choice
open for any ideas ; )



I have the same problem… Did you have any success solving this?