The forum is running very slowly

Me too, intermittent slowness, sometimes timeouts. Located in the US.

Over here no problems … everything okay … sometimes threads come slight slow fragmanted on the first request of the site, but after that everything is normal.

So our server ran out of memory… we doubled ram, added also an extra CPU core :wink:

Should be OK now.


Double it again now so we don’t have this again for a while :stuck_out_tongue:

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well, I’d hope that this doubling (4 to 8 GB, dual core now) would let the user and post numbers grow at least 3-4 fold and that might take another year :smiley:


Don’t underestimate the momentum, people say it is growing fast: Nextcloud grew customer base 7x, added over 6.6 million lines of code and doubled its team in 2017, in case of exponential growth doubling wouldn’t be enough!


just setup some performance monitoring and react before ressources become an issue :sunglasses:

Edit: Everything is lightning fast at the moment :slight_smile:

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Well, a doubling of ram means more than a doubling of resources. Keep in mind that a server needs part of the ram simply for Linux itself, Apache, database etcetera - so when you double the ram from 4 to 8, the app goes from 2 GB to 6 or so :wink:

But yeah, we have to keep an eye on this, of course. I hope we keep growing like this!


I assume for the past some months, the forum has been very slow for me but is anyone monitoring the server resource?

It seems it’s running on Hetzner and not a hosted discourse but as a self hosted app’s community, it feels a bit ironic that self hosted Discourse is acting non optimally…

Since then, they did another upgrade and since then it is running fast for me.

OK. It seems to be a region specific problem.

I’m accessing from Japan but tried to load the page from Singapore and US west but they loaded like normal.

For me, the initial page load takes quite literally over a minute and then pretty much times out and then on second or third try, it loads after a while using the previously fetched cache.

This is the application.js but the TTFB alone is quite crazy.

You might want to consult the Hetzner support if their network is acting nuts for some regions or put it over Cloudflare, so everyone gets it from region edge servers.

Do you have an ISP or an IP out of its range so they can check the routing? Other hetzner webpages are slow as well? They have quite a few peerings in Europe and an quite open peering policy

Hetzner sucks, especially with Telekom lines in Germany. All sites are slow, regardless which storage center you use

Or: Telekom sucks especially for websites that are not willing to pay Telekom extra:

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Sorry, what do you mean by out of its range?

If I load this site using the mobile carrier connection on a phone, it loads normally but on wifi through my ISP, things are slow.

Hetzner’s official site loads like normal. (Not sure who else uses Hetzner right now.) The ping is normal compared to a German server I have on DigitalOcean but when it comes to HTTP download, things get real slow for this site but considering no one is complaining, I must be the exception.

Every professional hoster has direct peering to Telekom, if they can not efford it…stop business.

if you would have read through the link of @tflidd you would have get to know that of course hetzner is offering a direct link to telekom but since telekom seems to wanna have double income on their lines the charge hosters more… and thus hetzer is offering a direct link for more more money.

If you think this through, it’s perhaps not just Telekom in Germany, then perhaps some local operator in Japan, South Africa or Brazil are asking for more money as well. So Nextcloud would have to buy traffic options for all major telecom operators that have some sort of monopoly in their country.

this is completely right… and hetzner already hinted into this direction… and yes that means end of free internet.