The forum is running very slowly

Recently the forum appears to be suffering a slow-down. What have been previously almost immediate actions (opening/replying to topics, approving posts, etc) now takes multiple seconds.

It’s a bit frustrating.

@jospoortvliet @LukasReschke


same here… so it has nothing to do with the UK trying to complete brexit (even on the net) … :wink:

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Ah, I thought it was my ISP.

I don’t see it now, I guess it was fixed?

nope, still dragging a bit

edit: took 8 seconds for this reply to go through.

I can confirm this accessing via different ISPs.

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Very slow and very often Error 502 or 500.

As we say in German: Zäh wie Hundeleder! :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, last few days have been terrible. @jospoortvliet @LukasReschke can someone look into it please? The forum has been awful to use recently.

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It feels like @jospoortvliet moved the setup on a raspberry pi at his home.

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… Hosted on a dial-up connection.

Impossible to move topics and stuff like that.

Anybody at home @jospoortvliet @LukasReschke @nickvergessen ?

Traffic-limited mobile connection?

today it feels more like being transmitted via smoke signals :triumph:

I’m not a sysadmin :speak_no_evil:
But I will forward the question

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Whatever you did @nickvergessen, admin or not, helped :smiley:

Yes it is better. Writing answers still takes a lot of time (at least no timeouts or gateway errors).

I’m seeing a marked improvement - not waiting anywhere near as long on most things now.

It was indeed better for some time. But the last couple of days it is getting worse :sob:

I also had problems yesterday with slow loading pages and occasional 503 and 500 http errors.

@jospoortvliet this is making it pretty frustrating to be on the forums, can you arrange resource to sort this out properly please?

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504 … 502 … 500.

Error code roulette?