Testing help needed - Nextcloud 24 and NextcloudPi

Can anyone help with testing the update process in NextcloudPi, then report issues to Nextcloud 24 support thread on Github.

Breakage expected!!! Do not test on your actual production instance. Thanks and always keep additional backups!

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Is NC24 over ncp-devel available or ist the best way to upgrade manually to NC24?

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afaik it will all be manual. Expect to be totally on your own. :wink:

found tonight some time to test. But was interrupted by this feedback from the update-page.

“[ nc-update-nextcloud ] (Thu May 5 22:22:14 CEST 2022)
Malformed version 24”

I tested “24” and “24.0” and "24rc2. Is theres something I am missing?

It would be the full number. Documentation here [HowTo] Update NextcloudPi to the latest version


You can check against the Nextcloud github release feed.

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NC24 is running on the test-vm without issues.
Will test further and check if something occures.