[HowTo] Update NextcloudPi to the latest version

I want to update Nextcloud to the latest version, but I’m running NextcloudPi.

NextcloudPi admin panel defaults to 0

  • The default is always a tested Stable release, specifically chosen to avoid bugs and incompatibilities.
  • There is almost no community support available for this manual process, so by doing this you’ve effectively volunteered to become a serious bug tester.
  • Incompatibilities and bugs are guaranteed.

How do I up date to latest XX.X.X release?

Simply write in what you want to update to: 20.0.1 from the admin panel.
Or, use Nextcloud Admin Settings to Update (sometimes flaky)
Highly suggested to backup and update through ncp-config interface in case of any problems.

Can I backtrack after updating?

No, you’ll have to restore a backup you’ve made.

Can I switch back to the tested 0 release cycle?

Yes, just change to 0 and then you’ll have to wait until the conservative tested branch catches up to you.

What if I want to install a beta or RC (Release Candidate)?

Write in values are typically as follows:

If you do this: assume you will completely destroy your NextcloudPi setup. Never proceed on a system you care about. Other than potentially losing everything, please do help us with improving documentation and bug reports. :wink:


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