Tag search result - same file names with different content


I have an huge photo collection uploaded to my nextcloud. All photos were created with my canon camera. When I format the SD card the given filenames for new photos will start again with “IMG_0001.jpg”, “…2”, “…3” and so on. That means that each file name can exist multiple but the content/photo is different.

All files/photos were uploaded to different folders.

Then, I tagged all photos with several tags so searching for specific photos will be easier.
When I search for the tag “summer”, all files tagged with “summer” will be displayed. Some of the listed files have the same filename due to the matter I discribed above. In addition the folder name will be displayed.
So far - so good.

Now the problem: If the search result contain files with same file names and I try to show file details by clicking on the right side then all files with the same name will be selected. Then only the first picture of the selection can be previewed on the right side. Also the file details can be viewed only of the first file of the selection.

Does anybody have the same problem? Please help to find a fix…



Nextcloud version 13.0.2

Steps to replicate it:

  1. upload some files with different content (i.e. pictures) but same file name to different folders
  2. tag these files with the same system tag
  3. search for the given tag
  4. see the result
  5. click on right side where the details of each file can be viewed
  6. you will see that all files with the same filename will be selected an the folder name is displayed
  7. try to select another file
  8. the preview and file details are still from the first file
  9. the other files can not be selected
  10. however opening / download is still possible for each file