System-wide dark theme

Hey everybody,
my question is rather simple I guess. But I really could not find an answer, I searched and also looked at the code, but I could not figure out a way to achieve this:
Is there a possibility to set Settings - Accessibility - Dark theme by default for every user system wide?
Tanks for your help,

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What about the theme parameter which is described in the admin manual?!

thanks for your input. I guess this would work. If I only knew where the original dark theme was located.

in the app store there is dark breeze mentioned in the topic below. Very nice and able to set as default for all guest and users

Hey Vincent,
I found out about that. This thing sadly has a bug: it won’t let me set a custom login screen background. The bug is discussed on the git page. Maybe I’ll just wait for the bug to be eliminated.
But also: the dark theme shipped with NC originally is nicer and a real eyecandy in my opinion. I would like to go with that option, if possible.

I think you can change it in a CSS.

Perhaps you like to test the app “Splash” .

And if you do not like random nature pictures perhaps you can modify the CSS.

Source for random nature background:

Hi David,

Currently there should only be one issue with setting a custom login background, which can be worked around. The issue exists when you have index.php present in the URL. You can either hide the index.php to get so called “pretty urls” or override a styling rule with the Custom CSS app.

You can see this comment for more details,