Official Dark Theme for Nextcloud?

Is there an official dark theme for Nextcloud?

I’m a little confused right now. I saw the following bugfix: which states that the appearance of some elements were fixed for the dark theme. I searched all over the internet for this dark theme, but only found the Nextcloud-Breeze-Dark theme which is not official as it seems. Is the bugfix for the 3rd-party breeze theme or is there a hidden option to turn on some native official dark theme?

it is. from nc 14 on. you’ll find it under accessibility in your setup

but at least with my nc 14 (.0.4.) it still says: beta.


Thaaaank you so much! I would’ve never guessed it was in the Accessibility menu. I would’ve rather named this menu “Customization”, “Theming” or something like that. Accessibility sounds more like some high contrast options or magnifying tools which a standard non-disabled user doesn’t really want/need.

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ya. and i think it was made exactly for that purpose… for better use with handicapped users

That could be the reason, indeed. For me, it’s just a nice looking theme. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thanks for the tip @AmonBune. Custom CSS would have taken way too much time to do nicely.

There is a high contrast option there as well @JimmyKater. I’m not sure why you might find a dark theme nicer, but it sure does make things more accessible for me to not be straining my eyes looking at white/light screens everywhere. Especially since I do a lot of my work at night.

Speaking as someone living with disability, preferring a dark interface on my PC and the websites I visit has nothing to do with (my) disability. It’s hilarious the way “non-disabled” (as you put it) people talk about people with disabilities like you know anything about us. :woman_facepalming:

Inverting a display is actually a common accessibility feature, so it makes perfect sense for a dark theme to be under accessibility settings. Although someone who needs it is likely already using that feature on the device they’re accessing nextcloud form from.

dear @Vrak - i feel deeply sorry if my words hurt you. that wasn’t intended in any way. the misuse of words and ides might refer to my very limited knowledge of english. and maybe to the (german) translation of accessibility (–> “Barrierefreiheit”) which would be used only for handicapped/disabled persons. plus: i am not looking down on disabled/handicapped ppl having grown up with a disabled/handicapped dad.

so please accept my honest excuses if i unitentionally might have hurt you.


Please forgive me but…how do you find the setup or accessibility?

I browsed the online help (Nextcloud 16.0.1) and didn’t not find anything relevant.

Thanks for you help!


Under your menu (the top-right button), choose Settings. In the menu to the left, under Personal, select Accessibility.

Not official but other than the accessibility dark theme, there is :


Really cool them indeed! (can we get it for this site as well?)) I was using Dark mode from Accessibility, but your theme is much more readable. I also tried the Themes app, but it has severe problems with the icons.
I am on 16.0.6, but just cloned master into the themes folder. Will that matter?

Isn’t there a Themes category in the app store? There ought to be.

Unfortunately the dark mode theme is crap. In that text that should be white when viewed on a dark background is black. Black on dark slate = unreadable.

I also don’t get whoever designs interfaces at Nextcloud, this site - and the Nextcloud web UI both - is a case in point. A dark-ish gray text on white, instead of plain good old black on white - who comes up with this nonsense? Thankfully there is at least a “high contrast” theme in Nextcloud 17, though it’s not all that high, it’s still blinding white but at least with actually BLACK black text.

Going with some arbitrary fashion choice like gray on white is utter bullshit when it affects readability and visibility. Just artsy stupidity. This is a tool not a toy.

The web UI badly needs better color functionality. And the dark theme needs to have white descriptive text when it’s active, not black on black.

Does anyone know how to enable Accessibility Dark theme for all users via a config file? Thanks

Have you tried to set the “theme” parameter in the Nextcloud configuration file?!

plus: whats this app breeze dark all about?

I’ve tried with ‘theme’ => ‘themedark’, and ‘theme’ => ‘dark’, but did not work. White theme enable by default for new users.

What does the following command show on your server?

ls -al /<absolute-path-to-nextcloud-document-root>/themes

I need to enable the default dark theme, so I did not install any aditional theme.

Here is the output:
docker exec …
root@a68a0b579a75:/var/www/html# ls -alh themes/
total 16K
drwxr-xr-x 3 www-data root 4.0K Jul 24 2019 .
drwxrwxrwx 15 www-data root 4.0K Feb 7 07:30 …
-rw-r–r-- 1 www-data root 899 Jul 24 2019 README
drwxr-xr-x 3 www-data root 4.0K Jul 24 2019 example

Ok, have you enabled the Accessibility App and selected the dark theme under Settings > Personal > Accessibility?

Sorry for not being clear.
Setting-Personal-Accesibility-Enable dark mode work fine for me, existing and new users.

What I am looking for is an option/config to enable this by default for all new users.
Os, If a new user will register, the Dark theme will be enabled by default.

Is this posible?

What i’ve tried so far:

  • noticed that dark mode will trigger a post request to
    with payload value: “themedark”
    so I’ve tried to edit config.php with
    ‘theme’ => ‘themedark’
    ‘theme’ => ‘dark’
  • Verified all config, apps/accesibility, found nothing related to this.
    Also looked for the following
    grep -H -r "‘theme’ => " /var/www/html/
    grep -H -r “themedark” /var/www/html/
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