Syncing NexCloud calendar with external caldav resources

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I just installed NextCloud 14. Since i already run a tine20 groupware solution, with a complete calendar management, i would like not to enter all dates in two systems - it would be much more comfortable to just sync the nextcloud calender with the external tine20 calender using a caldav address. Since NexCloud Calender offer the possiblility to sync clients against caldav i hope it’s not so difficult to let nextcloud calender also be a client for other resources ??

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Harald Küller

You could probably hack it via the SabreDAV client mode: &

Would be nice is this was somehow exposed in the GUI though.

It actually is:

  • open calendar app in Nextcloud
  • click on „new subscription“
  • enter the webcal url to the calendar you want to subscribe and click the checkmark

Done :slight_smile:
I am using this since Nextcloud 14 (maybe it was already implemented before - don‘t know).

That is a one way subscription of an iCal feed, not a two way sync through CalDAV AFAIK.

Isn’t that what a calendar subscription is?
Do I understand this wrong?

EDIT: I understand. The subscribed calendar should also be editable. That is not possible with what I described. Sorry for the noise…

This works for iCal.
What is needed and told here is about CalDav.
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Hi Bernie_O,
I understand that what is needed is a CalDav client for the Calendar app. Not an iCal, but a CalDav.
I don’t know if there is something already done in order to integrate NextCloud apps such as Calendar, Contacts and Tasks with CalDav/CardDav providers.
Do you or anybody else know something about this feature? It’s pretty basic, but cannot find anything about it, I’m googling this for some time with no good results…
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I don‘t.

Afaik that function can only be implemented by using an external program like vdirsyncer.

The idea is good, but this software is a command line tool to sync between a server and a local filesystem.
It could be a starting point of study if there is no integration planned for NextCloud Calendar and CalDav/CardDav server. But there is a lot of code to be written to have a product in place for this feature.
Thanks j-ed!
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Now you know your solution ? ; you can share your answer now

It is a bit disappointing that this function is missing. I would like to “mirror” our group calendar to our nextcloud server but that seems to be impossible.

I guess this is left out on purpose.

This is still needed.
And for me, it is unclear why it is not possible to share a read-only calendar?

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Unbelievable that this is still not implemented!

Though the feature itself is definitely a good idea I don’t really understand the outrage, by the same token that NC can implement it tine or whatever other system you seek to use could implement it since only one of the two systems needs to act as a client in this relationship.

The fact that the other systems have also not implemented it would suggest that either it is more complicated than you and I see or that it has low priority with the core devs but a PR is welcome to add the feature.

Ranting about why something was not added to a FOSS project is not very productive, instead role up your sleeves or if you are not a programmer/don’t have time but do believe it is a crucial feature you could also find someone who is a contributor and advocate for them implementing it or even pay them to create a PR…

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