Synchronize in one direction nextcloud?

Is there a setting to synchronize in one direction nextcloud under Ubuntu?
Basically no bad surprise if someone deletes a file from the cloud.
I am on ubuntu 20.04

take a look at versions app and trashbin. Appropriate config should give you good protection against accidental deletions.

I don’t think this is a solution for me.
I am testing nextcloud with a hosting provider. I don’t know the version?
I use the ubuntu client

Is there any other tool or method to prevent synchronization in the other direction?
I think I have seen this in other applications (unfortunately not free). It seems important to me when you want to use a nexclud as a backup.
Is there a roadmap of Nextcloud? or is it registered?

you have the option to use WebDAV to access your files and use any software which performs one-way sync/copy to your Nextcloud instance.

My personal point of view is this feature is against the idea of Nextcloud as your sync destination will hold completely chaotic set of current and old files without any good way to know if you removed the file intentionally and this is the reason I see no advantage to have periodic one-way sync. Maybe I miss some points and there is a reason to go this way… but most likely good backup strategy with a reasonable amount of versions you keep (or maybe at least trashbin with enough quota) is a better way to protect against accidental file deletions.

I’m not aware of all planned features… feel free to review the github repository and raise an issue. If you have good arguments chances are there we see the feature in upcoming releases. finally Nextcloud is free software you can develop the feature and ask to integrate it into mainstream release.

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Thank you for sharing your opinion. I am not a developer and could not contribute in this sense.
There are always different needs. It is diversity that is important. In any case for me, it is possible to make a unidirectional synchronization (real image) between local and remote. I don’t know where I saw it (pcloud?) but unfortunately nothing open source.

Take a look at rsync, there are a lot of derivates that do different kind of backup (rsnapshot etc.), with and without GUI ( You transfer the files via ssh to a remote server. I would use such a tool as “client”. Some perhaps allow to put the backup on webdav storage which then could be Nextcloud. But if you are not interested in syncing files or some of the other features of NC, I’d rather use something else for a backup.

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