Synchronize files moved to Nextcloud directory not using nextcloud software?

Hi all, took the plunge and used the VM release you have. Running Nextcloud 10.01. System is not in a VM environment, but bare metal HTPC deal. It has an external RAID enclosure attached via USB3.0.

I moved the data path to /media/Backup where the USB drive is. Everything is working appropriately via web and phone app.

My main goal was to get my wife off the multiple internal drive thing. I want to be able to have access to the pictures and videos stored on the RAID locally as well as on the cloud.

So I created a samba share. I can access the share without issue, but this is where I hit a snag. If I create a file via SMB, I guess it doesn’t update the database? So I can see it via SMB, but going to the cloud doesn’t show it.

A use case would be a LAN party. Everyone shares their files, ISOs, STEAM local backups, etc. We’ve always used the native windows file shares during this time.

It it makes sense, I still want to have a file server as well as the luxury of a fantastic cloud utility.
Is there a workaround/setting for this? A resynchronization? Or am I SOL?

If you use this SMB share as external storage in Nextcloud, you can make changes directly to this share and Nextcloud will update the file-index.

You can as well access Nextcloud via webdav, then the content is not synced and you access it directly over the network.

I have a similar set-up, where I synchronize (using rsync over ssh) files from my telephone and from other computers to my server.

My solution: a cron job which sets the permissions (chown www-data.www-data) and then runs “php -f /var/www/nextcloud/occ files:scan --all 1> /dev/null

In my case, it runs every 60 mins, which is OK for me :slight_smile:

The data directory on the server is exclusive to Nextcloud and must not be modified manually.

This is it.

Between this, chmoding all the files and chowning to www-data, the cron job is working like a champ.