Sync nextcloud addressbook with AVM fritzbox

But the Fritz Box just syncs the contacts from its own adressbook. Shared Adress Books don’t sync on the Fritz Box in my case.
Or did somebody get that working?

What kind of certificate do you use? Selfsigned?

the major question is: is your FB already running FritzOS >7.20

works for me with FB 7590 7.20 and NC 19 running on Qnap 251+ NAS as Docker container with Letencrypt cert (+pihole local DNS server)

Sure. Connecting Fritz.Box and Nextcloud wasn’t possible before 7.20 (or at least not out of the Box…).

so is your problem solved now?

No, how? I just wanted to remind that the option to sync Fritz.Box with Nextcloud is just available since actual Fritz OS 7.20 and had not been possible before; I tried that and found that bug.
So without another Fritz.Box update nothing will change as long as the bug isn’t depending on Nextcloud.
So my Fritz.Box got an own Nextcloud account, and in addition to its on contacts has read access to the shared adress books of my family. These are shown as they should in the Fritz.Box Nextcloud account, but don’t sync to the Box itself.


I’d susggest to open a new thread and relink it to this one… as this one is solved (in general it now IS possible to sync your NC-addressbooks to FritzOS v >=7.20.

Don’t forget to add as much information as possible about the referring systems (meaning NC and your Fritzbox)… to give the forum as realistic chance to find out about your problem and maybe even solve it.

Good luck

Upgraded my 7590 to v7.21 and CardDav is not working.

v7.21 on 7490 is working like a charm @rakekniven. maybe saving, factoryreset, restoring?

Rebooting or resetting my Fritzbox is not an option on saturday evening with my young netflix ladies :angry:

EDIT: Sent a twitter message to AVM and waiting for reply. Will reboot tomorrow morning :wink:

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Something new here?

No, the necessary action is on my side and there it hangs. Will report as soon as news are available.

EDIT: Ticket is still in work.

i also try to get nextcloud contacts to my FB7490 with 7.21
Just copy the given link fron contact book to the FB, add my username and a new AppKey (i’m using 2 factor…) klick Ok --> FB Say ok - but after around 5 min it say something like can’t sync online addressbook.

bug in 7.21?
in case my mesh master was defekt i reset the 7490 today (just 4 info)

Got response from AVM. It will be fixed in the next release. Currently it can cause trouble if the user has shared more than one addressbook OR has multiple calendars shared.
The labour version may has fixes already, but I am not willing to go that way.


ok, thx for the info @rakekniven

Does not work with Firmware 7.25 on 7590 :frowning_face:

This time error (11). Need to contact AVM service again.

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