FritzOS 7.50 - synching of shared Adressbooks still not possible

Fortsetzung der Diskussion von Sync nextcloud addressbook with AVM fritzbox:

FritzOS 7.50 is out - but the Fritz.Box (which has an own account on my Nextcloud)) still just syncs the Adressbook of it’s own account, not shared adressbooks.

@rakekniven had contact to AVM before - so I just want to bring thsi up again as its still nit solved with the latest Fritz Update.

Nevertheless I was able to add several online adressbooks - so it’s possible to add multiple online adressbooks to your Fritz.Box - you just need to copy the specific adressbook link from the nextcloud and use that as adress. (Not sure if that was possiblr before). But at least this means that I hgave to set up 10 external adressbooks instead of just linking one account… :frowning:

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I gave up here, it worked for a few weeks. For a long time then no more.

I had the same problem. After the upgrade from 7.29 to 7.50 the update of the FritzBox telephonebook doesn’t work. :dizzy_face:
My NC host are in the LAN, so I add the FQDN of the NC host to exception for the DNS rebind protection. Than the update works again. :slight_smile:

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Could you describe this in a bit more detail?

Did that in the past as well. Does not work unfortunately.
How many addressbooks do you have?

I have a NC host in my LAN, this NC host is also reachable from the internet. In my LAN I have a local DNS server (Pihole). The FQDN of my NC host resolve in the internet to my public IP, but the local DNS server resolve the FQDN of the host to the local LAN IP.
The FritzBox is configured to use the local DNS server and not the DNS server which is provided by the provider DHCP.
For the NC host is also a Let’s encrypt certificate available. So that the FritzBox can use https to connect to the NC.
In the NC I have 2 own address books and some shared address books. But I include only one address book to my FritzBox.
The Link for the address book looks like this
https://<FQDN>/remote.php/dav/addressbooks/users/<username>/<address book name>/
you can also copy this link from the address book site in NC, when you press the gear wheel.

Are these enough details?

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Perfect description. My setup is similar to yours except the pihole.
But still error 11 appears in the FritzBox and no details.

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