Sync/Compare existing files?

Hi all,

I was using Seafile before I switched to Nextcloud. I imported all my files directly on the server (several GB) by copying all the files and using occ files:scan. So far so good :slight_smile:

On the desktop/client side - as I was using Seafile for synchronization before - I already have all the files which I imported on the server side.

So what will happen if I connect this folder in the Nextcloud client for synchronization?

  • Does the client download all the files from the server and ignores / overwrites the existing ones or vice-versa?
  • Will there be conflicts?
  • Will it “just work” and the desktop client recognizes that there are already all files available?

TIA for you help!

It’s the best to start with a fresh folder and either sync everything from the client to the server or the other way round.

Client and server can’t directly compare files. There is a long running discussion on how to implement delta sync, and upstream at ownCloud they seem to work on something recently:

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Well in the meantime I simply tried it…and it seems to work. As I looked into the logfile while the sync happend I think this is caused by libcsync the desktop client is using. So the desktop client recognized that the files are already at the nextcloud server, didnt upload the files and “marked” them as synced.

Really cool, I didn’t know that this is working now.