Suddenly no file access via iOS app possible!

Hello all,

we have been using Nextcloud in our office for about a year now and are really excited about the features. Now we wanted to expand the use of Nextcloud and have uploaded more files and folders.

Unfortunately, since then we can no longer access our data via the mobile app (iOS). After a refresh, it displays “No data available”. Even the folders are missing. Clearing the cache, removing the logins in the NC settings and reinstalling the apps didn’t help either.

The errors occur on different iPads and iPhones (all on the current patch level).

The log of the iOS app shows the following error message:

result: failure(Alamofire.AFError.responseValidationFailed(reason: Alamofire.AFError.ResponseValidationFailureReason.unacceptableStatusCode(code: 500)))

No message is displayed at all in the Nextcloud web backend.

Does anyone here have the same problem or maybe a solution for it already?

Thanks a lot!

Hello @martin.schultheiss, ,

Welcome to the wonderful world of Nextcloud and is it’s community.

Sadly enough your post is missing almost all specific technical information. Thanks for your post, but please take a little time to get acquainted with the forum and make a stronger effort to troubleshoot. It is the least you can do when asking others to help you:

  • Search your question as keywords on this forum. If you find something useful, link it directly into this post.
  • Search the internet using your issue as generic keywords. Specificity is king:
    • php modules missing Ubuntu Snap update
  • If you have an error message, repeat this process to search for your error on the forum and internet.
  • If you do not find an answer, you are likely using the wrong keywords. Try simplifying your search on the forum and internet even more.
    • nextcloud php modules missing
  • Once you’ve done this you should be able to edit and update your post with specific technical information we can use to help you.
  • Check Nextcloud admin documentation

Please edit and update your post to include:

  • Direct Links to any useful info pages, posts and other info you find.
  • Add screenshots to your post for context
  • If you have large log files to attach you can link to a pastebin
  • Fill out our support form and add into your post.

These are the exact same steps we volunteers will be following to help you! So, get to it!


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