🥨 Stuttgart Nextcloud Community

About the Stuttgart Nextcloud community

Die Stuttgarter Nextcloud-Community trifft sich zum gemeinsamen Verbessern von Nextcloud. Design, Programmierung, Übersetzung, Verbreitung, Fehler finden, etc – alle, die aktiv werden möchten, sind eingeladen! Also bringt eure Laptops mit! :computer:

The Stuttgart Nextcloud community meets to improve Nextcloud. Design, programming, translation, finding bugs, spreading the word, etc – everyone who wants to get active is invited! So bring your laptops with you!


Due to the current Covid situation, of course we should keep the meetings online. So we can exchange here, or generally in the forum. :mask:

Currently no meetings in Stuttgart take place, but we encourage everyone to restart them.


while ppl from Stuttgart do look up to be as cool as Munich (add much of adoring here), Munich is having a laugh about Stuttgart :smiley:
So maybe you wanna change that one to “Stuttgart”? :wink:

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