Storage mounting

Hello everyone, I am extremely new to all things computers and basically everything I know is from watching YouTube for the last year. That being said, I recently built a PC with 1TB NVME and 4 8TB HDDs. I have Ubuntu Server installed on bare metal and then Docker is installed on that. I setup Nextcloud and I originally had some issues with the directory that Nextcloud was mounting itself to but I was able to adjust that by installing Nextcloud through Portainer. I installed ZFS and created a Raid-z1 pool for my 4 HDDs named “pool1”. I mounted “pool1” to the /mnt/ directory. When I installed Nextcloud I setup the Nextcloud Data and the Database directories in the /mnt/ directory.
Clearly “pool1” is 22TB and is mounted on the /mnt directory.
I have a “nextcloud_data” and a nextcloud_database" directory that all my files are saved to.

The Issue:
I have 21Tb of storage available on my HDDs. I have use about 500Gb of my storage. I am trying to upload an 18Gb folder and I am being told that there is not enough space and that I need an additional 12 Gb.

I Do not know what I did wrong, but I can tell you I definitely have more than 6Gb left.

Heres the error im getting when trying to trnafer files

And heres a couple screenshots from Portainer

hi @KinterTechnics welcome to the forum :handshake:

unfortunately you missed the required support template. Please provide your docker-compose and client and server logs.

Sidenote: 22GB size of your pool1 sounds like a stripe/JBOD and not like a redundant RAID level… I would recommend you double check you pool config before you store important data on this pool and loose everything when one disk fails…