Static IP problems

I think i have everything set up for external access, but when I type in my static IP it opens my router setup page
and not the ip of the NC/box port 80 is open, DND record is set up… know i dea how to get this working

can you try IPv6 ?
that could be a simple solution …

Your router has claimed port 80, even if you successfully port forward 80 sometimes routers won’t honour it.

Look in your router settings for remote management options and if any appear, disable it.

How does one “try IPv6”?

disabled ssh management and lost router

allow any remote IP enabled

Sorry, I meant web based remote access over http or HTTPS.

What’s your router please? Make and model.

linksys 2500 with dd-wrt

How does one “try IPv6”?


first step is to check if your ISP allow IPv6, then you can have a look here :

but if you really don’t know what you are doing, that’s maybe a bad idea !

OK good, my systems use DD-WRT too :slight_smile:

On this page in Administration > Management:

Under remote access I have everything disabled, is yours the same?

Thanks, Lost my static IP setting, after turning off ssh management I
couldn’t get to router any more so had to use old router (same model)

Wait what? Remote management shouldn’t impact your static assignments.

The Router seemed to just switch off, I could no longer log into it,
rebooted a bunch, it would seem to get internet again then would die.

tried to put static settings in again then, musta missed something as I
lost internet again…


What do you mean by “external access”? Are you meaning accessing your Nextcloud Server which is located inside a LAN from the public internet?

What static IP do you mean? Some public IP-address assigned by your ISP? Or do you mean an internal IP-address (C-class)?

As for for your Router you have to configure the proper Port Forwarding. Using DD-WRT go to NAT / QoS --> Port Forwarding and set the INTERNAL IP-address and port (NOT port 80!) which your web server is listening to (to be configured with your web server configuration, firewall etc.). Then click Save --> Apply Settings.

access from Web outside on my home network.

IP assigned from local ISP

I thought nextcloud used port 80 or 443, can you give me example of the
port forwarding settings


For “Protocol” you only need to set “TCP”.

Leave “Source Net” empty or set it to because “Source Net” defines the IP-Address(es) which is/are allowed to access (which is your Nextcloud Server (?)). With your example only (I guess this is the static public IP address your ISP assigned to you) would be allowed to access your Nextcloud.

“Port From” and “Port To”: Here you set the port from which you will access your Nextcloud from the outside and to which port your access will get forwarded to. Set “Port From” the same like “Port To”.

As far as I know (I am no DD-WRT guru though) port 80 is reserved exclusively for HTTP-access to the router’s web interface (while you can configure any other port for HTTPS-access).

I would set another port like i.e. 8080 for http (or even better, use https with port 443 for your Nextcloud instance) but avoid port 80 for the above mentioned reason. Surely you have to define the port(s) to use with the webserver too.

Lets say you are configuring http on port 8080 to your Nextcloud Webserver. In that case the access from outside your LAN to your Nextcloud instance would look like:

Thanks, here is what I have so far, if correct I just have to get my static
address back into settings

As for the port forwarding on your DD-WRT based router the above is correct. Don’t forget to configure and open port 8080 on your NC webserver.

I don’t know about the NC Box. Is HTTPS active by default with them? If yes just add another port forwarding entry on your router with the content:

Application (i.e): nextcloud-secure
Protocol: TCP
Source Net:
Port from: 443
IP Address:
Port to: 443

Don’t forget to tick the “Enable”-field to the right of each port forwarding entry you want to be active on your router before hitting “Save” and “Apply Settings”.

With the above you should also be able to access your NC from outside your LAN through but make sure that port 443 is not already assigned to the secure web interface (https) with your router.

Thanks I’ll give it a shot

once I put this in I lose internet
this is what ISP sent me
IP address:

Subnet Mask:

Default Gateway:

was trying without 252 thinking it should be 0 or 255 as 252 didn’t work

This is what the ISP sent you:

Subnet Mask:

Why did you enter into the Subnet Mask field: ?

If is the Subnet Mask the ISP assigned to your connection you shouldn’t change that value.

Besides: There is no reason to tamper with the internet settings of your router to activate access to your NC Box from outside the LAN. All you need to do is to configure the proper port forwarding(s) at the routers side and set those ports with your NC Box accordingly. After having changed any port settings to the NC Box do a reboot. No need to change anything else on the router’s side.