Static IP problems

I thought you had to have a static IP address to access next cloud from
outside my lan

You need a public ip, but when you use dynamic dns services, you can update the DNS entry with dynamic ips as well. If your provider offers you free static ip addresses, why not?

port forwarding done, does that mean the port is also open or is that
another process

As for the port forwarding part of your router the above should be sufficient.

Now make sure the NC Box listens on port 8080 (http) and port 443 (https) and you should be good to access your Nextcloud from the internet:
or if that doesn’t work:

turns out the local ISP is using owncloud, they set my public IP and I lost
internet again, so will use there newer router next week and see what
happens, along with all this info I should be able to get it, thanks, wish
it could be easier

New route is in, Mikrotik, no luck yet, still lose internet when public IP is set up, will try a new radio next