Starting Nextcloud, LDAP or Active Directory?

Good afternoon, I will use a translator

I need to redo a local server with Nextcloud, and we use Nethserver, but I have doubts, when creating a user in Nethserver it is necessary to define LDAP (Blind remotely or Install locally), or Active Directory (Join a domain or Create a new domain)

Any one I set returns an error example:
“Adjust service sssd #185 (exit status 1)
Template /etc/krb5.conf #129 (exist status 1)
expansion of /etc/krb5.conf failed
Adjust service sssd #165 (exit status 1)
restart service sssd failed!”

Even so, I can continue, but when I choose “Change password” in the Users and Groups admin account on Nethserver, the hourglass turns, it doesn’t enter, and it says:
404 - Not foundadmin@“domain”.local”

I’m following the guides for beginner installation, I’m doing it on a VM, I would need to know for Nextcloud local, whether to choose LDAP or AD, and see why the error occurs

Do you have LDAP running. Another user with Nethserver has a problem but on this point, the installation seemed to have taken care of it:

I started to add a tag for nethserver setups, since these questions are a bit specific to this environment and like this you can find each other’s topic more easily.